We see our company as a member of communities in which we work, and we support them accordingly. We integrate the local community into our daily work as much as possible. Indeed, the entire Iranergy family operates according to the conviction that we have to become a part of the community we serve in order to be successful. By community we mean the people who live and work close to our projects and who are affected, in one way or another, by what we build.

Iranergy people view themselves as guests and partners in these communities and therefore consciously assume a long-term responsibility to people who live there. Accordingly, all of our project management teams pursue a clear policy of community involvement and take an active interest in community happenings. No matter where Iranergy is executing a project, a key success factor is good relations with local residents and neighbors. For this reason, our operational units organize site visits and other informational events where local residents, end-users and other stakeholders can learn about the company's projects. In some cases, a public relations expert is hired to liaise exclusively with the community.

Since its inception, Iranergy's fortunes as a company and its impacts on society have been inextricably linked. This simple idea of interdependence between business and society remains at the heart of our company. What has changed, however, is the size and scope of our Company and with it our social responsibilities.