Innovation department  established with the aim of planning and developing the ecosystem of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship specially in the outbreak of Covid 19 in Iran and has achieved the success up to the present:

  1. Forming an active network from entrepreneurs, and economic and industrial leaders that lead to effective solutions and approaches for businesses.
  2. Holding different educational courses in different fields
  1. Creating dynamic networks between private sector, industrialist, technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators and universities
  2. Creating and expanding innovative space in chamber network, with the aim of flourishing and developing new industries
  3. Create a numerous of job opportunities across the country so play an important role in economic growth
  4. Facilitate and accelerate the creation of new businesses
  5. Creating, strong and stable link between, groups and organizations that want to improve the level of economy, trade and industry
  6. Discovering and flourishing creativity by aimed at innovation in the fields of technology, industry, and economy
  7. Economic growth through the creation of innovative services and products
  8. Preparing for the presence of Iranian technology and industry in the national arena and international market