We build to last

Where we are headed is in many ways a reflection of where we have already been. It's not a destination. It is a quest for unending growth and development. And when we look to the future, we know that for us there is only one way to realize our vision: build our projects and organization to last. So as we review our history of past achievement, our eyes are focused on the horizon- proud of our past, looking towards the future and the projects still to come and above all the opportunity to serve the people and improve the quality of their lives. 

We live our values

Our values are not just a set of words. They embody the spirit of Iranergy at its best. They reflect the endless energy and spirit of a company that has managed to survive, grow and lead change in one of the world's most turbulent markets. Our values are, therefore, a call to action that asks every Iranergy employee to recommit to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today. While some of the words that express our values may be new, they are based on a continuum of how Iranergy has evolved and performed through the years. At Iranergy, we base our culture on commitment, integrity, accountability, creativity, transparency, and teamwork. We are always ready to learn and change. We recognize our duties to society and to our environment.  

People...our most cherished assets

A crucial element of growing a business is managing human resources. We want to be sure that our people are not only talented, but also that they fit with our culture. We want people who are determined to be the best at doing what matters most to the company. 

We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any differences unrelated to performance. We act on the conviction that the men and women of Iranergy will always be our most important asset and the foundation upon which the growth and development of our company will always be built.

We believe that the quality, skills and dedication of our executive officers are critical factors affecting the long-term success and value of our company. Our key goals are, therefore, to attract world-class executive talent, retain our key personnel, reward past performance, incent future performance and align the long-term interests of our people with those of the company. 

In order to make sure that our people are able to reach their full potential, we continuously strive to create an open, stimulating and inspiring work environment, free of bureaucracy and anything else that impedes their development.

We see change as an opportunity 

Change is a fact of life and a big part of the reality in business. It is a harbinger of opportunity, rejuvenation, progress, innovation and growth. Willingness to change is, therefore, a great strength. 

It has been our repeated experience that business uncertainty is inevitably accompanied by opportunity. The recessions and cyclical fluctuations which often characterize the local and global markets are no exception. They have provided us with the unique opportunities to make the strategic moves that will enhance our flexibility and competitive advantage.

Senior executive accountability

Building a culture of accountability is essential to the success of today's organizations. And, at the end of the day, it is up to the senior leadership of the organization to deliver on results to our stakeholders. To achieve those results, in a way that contributes to continued success in the future, Iranergy has made it incumbent upon its Board of Directors and other senior executives to ensure that the expectations of our key stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers, and the general public) are clearly defined, communicated and reviewed on a regular basis. Accordingly, one of the goals of our performance management systems is to hold senior executives accountable for their individual and organizational performance. To achieve this goal, we have put in place an effective, results-driven performance management program that links senior executive performance with our company's strategic planning initiatives. 

A tradition of quality

Quality is Iranergy’s legacy. It has taken 35 years to establish that reputation, and focusing on performance is what extends the reputation. We have remained committed to it even when it negatively affected our bottom line, knowing that only by offering the highest possible quality we can build a lasting organization.

Customer focus

We at Iranergy have learned through experience that we should apply every resource possible to make our clients successful. Accordingly, we try to clearly and continuously understand, be totally responsive to, and strive to exceed our clients' expectations; by our performance deliver exceptional value to those clients, helping them to maximize their success. 

Today, our clients have no trouble recognizing the integrity, quality, and commitment that Iranergy people bring to every task they undertake. These values are Iranergy’s most enduring legacy.

Facing reality

In an environment characterized by uncertainty, and lack of transparency, the readiness to face reality and seek truth from facts is an indispensable management principle. We, therefore, always call on our executives to first squarely face reality, then act decisively. We are well aware that facing reality often means saying and doing things that are not popular, but only by coming into grips with reality we can make decisions that enhance our competitive edge and enable us to develop and maintain a viable fit with the environment. 

People involvement

We are determined to build a world-class organization capable of competing on a global scale. We know that it would take painstaking work and an iron will to transform this dream into reality. We also know it requires that we wage a relentless war on old ways of doing things, continuously improve our processes and organizational structure, and, above all, use every mind in the Company and involve everyone in the game- leave no one, and no good idea out, and remove every organizational and functional obstacle to the free and unimpeded flow of people and ideas.