As a general contractor, Iranergy Company is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its staff and other stakeholders (such as a subcontractors, partners, neighbors, visitors, etc.) and protecting the environment.

To achieve these goals, all levels of the organization and subcontractors shall adhere to the following commitments:

  1. Creating a safe and healthy workplace;
  2. Minimizing the impact on the environment;
  3. Minimizing disruption in the daily life of people and society;
  4. Complying with legal requirements (local, national and international), and clients' HSE requirements;
  5. Formulating, updating, and implementing suitable and creditable models for the Company's HSE management system;
  6. Providing training for managers and supervisors and securing their active participation in the implementation of basic HSE principles;
  7. Training and encouraging personnel at all levels of the organization and obliging them to abide by basic HSE principles;
  8. Providing training for subcontractors and obliging them to comply with basic HSE principles;
  9. Recording, investigating, and researching near misses, accidents and hazards and their causes in order to eliminate them, and, if not possible, minimize the possibility of their recurrence;
  10. Continually improving the performance of the Company's HSE management system.