Over the  past  24 years, Iranergy has handled  numerous  projects of all  sizes  and complexities,  thereby acquiring  a wealth  of  experience and  project  management  skills.  However,  we  are fully  aware that  building a  lasting,  technologically  advanced  organization  capable  of  providing world-class  service  to its customers does not  proceed along  a  smooth path, but involves a long and complicated process requiring a great deal of technical  know-how  and  managerial expertise.

Thus, throughout our 24-year history we have made arduous efforts to assimilate, adapt, and apply the latest technology available in the developed world. Today, as we move into  our  24th year of service, we are focusing with even greater intensity on fully integrating strategy and process to  deliver  even  better  value to our customers and  reinforce  Iranergy ’s  position as  one of Iran’s leading engineering and construction companies.

Thanks to our timely shifts in strategy and a major restructuring plan designed to create a leaner and more flexible organization, we have been able to make tough decisions quickly, shifting resources to match opportunities, reducing and reallocating overhead, and investing more in people and processes that ensure our continued success and survival.

Iranergy has also devoted a sizable portion of its resources to develop its overseas markets and international Joint-venture operations. Thanks to the tireless efforts, professionalism and dedication of our engineers and managers.

Moreover, we have expanded our portfolio of work to include areas such as pipelines, chemicals, oil & gas, petrochemicals, environment, power, and hydraulic engineering.

Since its inception, Iranergy has maintained a reputation for excellence in performance by providing a high quality service based on technical competence, operational efficiency, cost- effectiveness, and adherence to contract programs.